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Renewable Projects Service--BESS

Certification Consultation: We offer guidance on certification standards and help you design products that meet market requirements.


Pre-Sales Technical Support: We provide on-site assessments, data collection, and expert advice before you make a purchase. This includes phone consultations, site visits, and addressing market and on-site concerns.


Grid Connection Services: We assist in connecting your battery, inverter, EMS, and other electrical equipment to the power grid.


Preventive Maintenance: We regularly inspect, clean, and test your inverters and transformers to ensure they perform efficiently. Energy


Management System (EMS): We assess and update your EMS regularly to ensure it works seamlessly with your system and operates efficiently.


Safety System Checks: We inspect, test, and update safety systems to ensure the safety of your project.


Scheduled Shutdowns: We conduct periodic system shutdowns for maintenance, updates, and improvements to ensure system stability.


After-Sales Service: We provide after-sales services for our products, including in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, returns, and warehousing. We also have both online and offline platforms for addressing after-sales issues.

Renewable Projects Service--Photovoltaic

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance: On-site inspections: Regular checks to identify potential issues and ensure smooth solar system operation.


Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan: Vital for extending the lifespan and efficiency of solar power systems.


Initial Maintenance: Immediate post-installation maintenance to correct any installation-related issues.


Cleaning Services: Regular cleaning for optimal solar panel energy output, preventing dirt buildup.


Adherence to Manufacturer/Partner Guidelines: Follow prescribed maintenance procedures to maintain warranties and equipment functionality.

Electrical Service

Power System Installation & Maintenance:

Comprehensive services for efficient, safe, and stable power supply.

Electrical Equipment Repair & Troubleshooting:

Rapid response and diagnostics for continuous power system operation.


Electrical Design & Consultation:

Professional electrical engineers ensure compliance with local regulations and best practices.

EV Charging Station Power Facilities:

Specialized services for designing, installing, and maintaining power systems for electric vehicle charging stations, promoting clean energy and sustainable transportation.

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