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Welcome to MW ENERGY LLC, which is owned by Solar Vila Inc from Canada.

Solar Vila was established in 2012, MW ENERGY LLC  stands as a leader in the renewable energy sector. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive services, including product certification support, offering certification standards and product design guidance; pre-sales technical support, site surveys, and model consultations; as well as meticulous after-sales service covering product maintenance, returns and exchanges, and storage. In the electromechanical installation sector, we provide installation services and overseas project management to ensure the smooth operation of projects.

At MW ENERGY, we adhere to a professional, efficient, and comprehensive service philosophy, contributing to the advancement of the renewable energy industry. Our company motto is "Proficient in technology, superior in service."

Whether it's product certification or after-sales service, we consistently strive for excellence. We recognize the importance of technology and approach every project with a professional attitude to ensure successful implementation. Through our efforts, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to the continuous progress of the renewable energy industry.

Thank you for choosing MW ENERGY. Let's journey together towards a sustainable future in renewable energy!

Main service areas: United States of America, Canada, Latin America, and South American markets

Experienced with:

Pre-Sales Technical Support

Pre sales technical support for photovoltaic and energy storage projects, as well as grid connection services


Product Certification Support

Product Introduction Market Design and Certification Guidance

investment and financing management

Assist in the most effective integration and management of funds and projects



Installation services for household, C&I, and large ground power plants


After sales maintenance service

On site repair and maintenance services, providing timely response to customer needs 24 hours a day

Company Services

Energy Storage Service

Certification Consultation;

Pre-Sales Technical Support;

Grid Connection Service; Preventive Maintenance;

Energy Management System (EMS);

Safety System Checks; Scheduled Shutdowns

PV service

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance;

Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan;

Initial Maintenance;

Cleaning Services;

Adherence to Manufacturer/Partner Guidelines

Electrical Serivce

Power System Installation & Maintenance;

Electrical Equipment Repair & Troubleshooting;

Electrical Design & Consultation;

EV Charging Station Power Facilities

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Skilled in technology, superior to service

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